title: ZOOO Store
assignment: concept store
status: constructed
surface: 500m2
location: Cankarjeva 4, Ljubljana, Slovenia
investor: Eurosport Trade Ltd
year: 2009.
photo: Eurosport trade

ZOOO concept store is made of movable multifunctional elements whose combinations create various situations and ambients, where every combo has its own narrative, and everything is accompanied by unusual details. Bird cages guarding jewelry, customized designer tables with animal patterns, hangers and ladders as jungle sculptures and installations, neon tunnel leading to the cellar part of the store, blue living room made as a wardrobe lounge, lamps made as luminance lucid crystals, painted ceramic tiles with the futuristic animal motives (done by promising rising artist, Zlatan Vehabović). ZOOO project was created under the creative direction of Mauro Massarotto by Sheriff & Cherry Studio and team of following architects: Ana Šafar, Federica Sandretti and artists: Zlatan Vehabović, Željka Rončević.