title: Accessoires Superstore
assignment: concept store
status: constructed
surface: 164m2
location: Ilica 16, Zagreb, Croatia
investor: Papilio d.o.o.
year: 2011
photo: Danko Vučinić

Accessoires brand flagship store, situated in the old city centre of Zagreb. With a simple monochrome intervention the genuine downtown interior is turned into an adaptive background for the wide pallet of products, various in dimension and colour. The key characteristic of monochrome gray painted area is stipulated by the accents of dense colors. Neon installations and the furniture, placed out of their intended purpose, are at the same time accentuating the longitudinal space, thus contributing to its fluidity. Installing a rotating platform and programming light show in the storefront a dynamic night store window is generated as dominant contact with potential buyers, while the inner living room & boudoir concept guides the buyer to retain in the cozy interior.